About Me

A native New Englander, Katerina left her quaint home in Gloucester, MA to study at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She trained at Atlantic Acting School, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Stonestreet Studios. Katerina's college years instilled in her a passion for study and acting that greatly informs her work today. 

Katerina is first generation American and an avid traveler. Growing up with Croatian and Swiss parents, she finds that traveling furthers her interest in the arts and has provided her with experiences far beyond any she could have had in her small hometown.

Since graduation, she has gone on to work and finish two independent films JUST SAY GOODBYE, and BRIEF CANDLE, a tv web series THROUGH YOUR EYES, a co-star on the show STAR and more. She is passionate about learning all aspects of the film industry and has interned with Tangerine Entertainment, a production company dedicated to creating and producing more female-written work.

Katerina is currently living in Atlanta, GA and is signed with Christy Clark at Stewart Talent.

Additionally, she has begun working in Administrative and Operations Support at Stowe Story Labs, a non profit writers' lab dedicated to getting work made and seen. She could not be happier getting to work for such a strong company with talented writers.

When she isn't auditioning for the next project, Katerina loves doing yoga, hiking, practicing Spanish, and reading Murakami. She also bartends and serves at a charming Italian Restaurant, Bellina Alimentari.